5 Vital Keys Needed In Every Relationship To Keep It Healthy And Happy

Here are five of the most basic keys to having healthy relationships in your life, whether it be with a romantic partner, a friend, or family. Think about the people you are close to and each key will relate differently depending on the relationship you have with the other, which will possibly reveal a realization of how healthy your relationship is with them, as well as what is lacking and needs improvement in. 

Not one person can perfectly do these actions for everybody at the same point in their lives, but let this serve as a guide to making sure you’re able to give and receive everything that composes a healthy relationship.

 1. Acceptance & Respect

When we truly get to know someone, there are things about them that we don’t necessarily agree with, and the same goes for us. Not two people are raised with the same beliefs and yet despite these differences, we should be accepting of everything we have come to know about this person, and treat them with respect

2. Meeting Basic Needs

There are three basic needs in every relationship, whether it is a romantic, familiar or friendly connection. These are companionship, affection and emotional support. All healthy relationships make it a point that both sides need to meet these needs, as well as other special needs that the other person might need, and they strive to work on it together. Go to next page to see more.

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