6 Things People In Lasting Relationships Do Each Day

Sadly, relationships now-a-days just don’t seem to last like they used to. Sure there are some relationships that will last a lifetime, but many will fizzle and fade sooner than later.

So what are some of the reasons why these long lasting relationships work? We have all read and heard many reasons as to why and a very big one is the fact the couples never take one another for granted.

Here are a few more ways that these couples show one another that they care about their other half.

1. They say what’s on their mind, but not in a mean way.

They don’t hold back when it’s something important. But when they share, they speak in “I” sentences. They never accuse.

The last thing you ever want to do is speak to your partner using ‘you’ more often than ‘I’. By using the work ‘you’ in invokes blame on your partner whereas ‘I’, shows your partner that your simply speaking your thoughts and taking responsibility for those thoughts.

2. They keep doing little things for their partner.

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Those small acts of kindness and remembering mean so much.

Whether it is a simple flower on their pillow or a simple note saying ‘I love you’ taped to the bathroom mirror, these acts will surely make your partner smile! Go to next page to see more.

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