8 Reasons Why Men Ignore Women

Sometimes guys ignore women, there’s no point denying the fact. Many of us, girls, often wonder why that happens and apart from the most obvious answer (he’s simply not interested), there are quite a few other reasons most women have no idea about. So, here are 8 common reasons why men ignore women.

His ego was hurt

Of course, you did it unintentionally, but men are sensitive creatures, so if you somehow managed to hurt his feelings regarding his prowess in bed, work, finances, or his physical features, this could easily make him cold and ignoring. It’s probably not your fault, but this happens a lot.

He’s jealous

Men are wired like that – they want other men to be jealous of them because of the fantastic girlfriend they have, but hate feeling jealous themselves! So when other guy flirts with his woman, he wants her to explain she already has a boyfriend and don’t even smile at that guy. So, if you have male friends – that might be the case! Go To Next Page To See More

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