Eight things the love of your life would like you to know

We here at BuzzWix would like to share eight of these wonderful things, the love of your life, would like you to know.

Eight things the love of your life would like you to know

1. You are always in their heart

The words “I love you” cannot express their deep meaning. Though the message they send can be reassuring, the emotion, the longing, the thrill, and the passion it comes with, goes far beyond words.

Expressing one’s feelings is neither easy, nor accurate in most of the cases. Feelings can be overwhelming, indecipherable, changing and confusing.

They can be of many kinds — both positive and negative — but one is always lingering in your partner’s heart… yes, it is the overwhelming love for you — the driving force that keeps him around you when you’re happy or sad, when you’re healthy or ill, when you’re up or down…

And when the roles reverse and your partner is the one that’s sad or ill or down, you’re still there in his heart, the best place you could ever be in.

And yes, your partner wants you to know that even when you fight and are angry at each other. Arguments and fights happen only because both of you CARE. If no one cared, no one would ever fight.

2. They want to come first

Life comes with a full to-do list and many variables. You have to make time for many people: kids, mom, dad, siblings, and friends. You then have to properly manage this time, attention, care and worries between the people who matter for you, yourself, your work, everyday chores etc.

Your partner doesn’t just want to blend in your daily routine. He is your significant other and wants to see that. Although the other person completely understand and respects your choices, he/she would actually want to be the most important person in your life, even if they will never say it.

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